imperceptible computer

An urbit computer is

  • Your own computer in the cloud

  • Your personal server on a peer-to-peer network

  • A Bitcoin wallet

  • Pseudonymous

  • Truly private

  • Censor-proof

  • Easy to use, no coding required

  • Your portal to a new internet

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Get Started

You can join the network on a COMET for free.Or you can buy a PLANET for $25.Setup takes about 5 minutes, no coding or programming required.

Order Received

I'll email you an Urbit planet very soon.But I'm having a problem... All the weird Urbit words make the email overlords think I'm a Nigerian prince.If my email lands in your spam folder, can you please do me a favor and drag it to your inbox + mark it "not spam" + add me to your contact list?This will ensure that other people get their planets, too. Thanks for your help. 🙏